How to Make your own loan?

Red peppers are white card after all success certain thing, credit itself make prices. Most of the time, a car dealership is looked after through a bank loan. A Progress Microfinance microcredit could also help people with disabilities to become self-employed in Germany.

Start your own business

Start your own business

The considerable advantages of self-employment lie in the personal and entrepreneurial freedom of design and a higher salary than before. The self-employed usually already have an effective business idea, a target audience of potential buyers (or customers) and a desired corporate strategy.

But what about someone who only has the will to be independent and has no clear ideas yet? Below are approximate suggestions for a business idea. The most popular areas of an advertising agency include the design or agencies.

As a rule, you will learn the practice within a week after the establishment of your authority and receipt of the first orders. Installment loans for the self-employed have ever-increasing financing opportunities, especially on online credit marketplaces.

A loan without it for the self-employed could also be obtained

A loan without it for the self-employed could also be obtained

Also, make sure that you don’t have all of the agency’s office facilities ready on the first day. It is better to keep the amount of your loan request as small as possible and to specify a smaller amount when you apply for a personal loan.

As a self-employed person, you can structure your company as you wish and set up either a company or a company.

Make a note of everything you need to think about early. The same applies to the employees, who of course you want to get to know before you open your ice cream parlor.

Take your time in the selection and consider who fits best. Note that home-made ice cream has significantly higher sales than buying a finished product from a particular manufacturer. It is, therefore, an essential characteristic for a self-employed person to ask himself whether he prepares the ice cream in his own ice cream parlor.

If you deal with the regulations, you will quickly find that you are having a lot of trouble. Therefore, you have to check early whether you will use a loan for this.

Opening an ice cream parlor is difficult at first, but it can be done with optimized planning and the necessary will. In general, a sports club stands for social understanding and a sense of community. That is why many sports clubs are very proud of their foundation, especially because they are there for a chat with the trade press.

But to run a club you have to have a lot of personal responsibility. This is the only way a club can survive for a long time. First, a sports club can only be founded by seven founding members. It is decided to establish a sports club following the election of the board of directors.

Under no circumstances should you overestimate the loan amount


When you open a shop, you are concerned with the purchase of products on the one hand and with the purchase of products on the other. In principle, you should inform yourself in detail about the sales of the articles and draw up a so-called business plan to improve the overview.

It’s all very revealing before you put time and money into one company. When opening a shop, it is usually necessary to take out a loan. Please also note the different ways to get a loan. One example is peer-to-peer loans, in which private debtors are looked after by investors on an internet platform.

Real estate loans for the self-employed

Why is it so difficult for self-employed people to get a loan? It is often difficult for the self-employed to get an installment loan. The credit institutions block loans for the self-employed. Credit for the self-employed, start-ups, etc. Credit for the self-employed – even with a negative credit rating or poor credit rating.

Real estate loans for the self-employed 

Real estate loans for the self-employed 

Don’t give up so quickly when one or two benches give you a basket. The conditions and interest rates for real estate loans vary considerably from one credit institution to another. You have good prospects with intermediaries who work with many credit institutions. Many credit institutions offer unscheduled repayments of up to 5 or even 10 percentage points without an interest premium.

Many banks also have the option to change the repayment and thus the amount of the installation during the fixed interest period. For example, you can reduce the repayment to 1 percentage point or increase it to 10 percentage points.

Loans for the self-employed

Are you looking for information about the term: loans for the self-employed? We have put together a few references to give you further information on the keyword “credit for self-employed persons”. It is often pointed out in connection with the preparations for private mortgage lending: Loans Demand for the self-employed.

If the suggestions or links presented on this website are not sufficient or are not targeted, you can also contact us with a construction or mortgage loan request. You can find us here in the building society portal very often.

In addition to the “loan for the self-employed”, we also deal with real estate investments in Germany and the offers of various credit institutions, insurance companies, and investment companies on this Internet portal. We have also found the following information for you under the keyword loans for self-employed:

Practical knowledge to the point


The 11th edition of the practical guide to VAT in the motor vehicle trade provides reliable answers to all questions relating to the VAT in the motor vehicle trade: e.g. differential taxation, cross-border trade, used parts taxation, surety insurance or hidden discounts. How to defend yourself successfully! Find out more about how to defend yourself and how to act strategically in the special edition of the UE Accident Insurance.

The 11th edition of the practical guide to VAT in the motor vehicle trade provides reliable answers to all questions relating to the VAT in the motor vehicle trade: e.g. differential taxation, cross-border trade, used parts taxation, surety insurance or hidden discounts. How to defend yourself successfully! Find out more about how to defend yourself and how to act strategically in the special edition of the UE Accident Insurance.

Credit sustainability: Credit loans

It was about sustainability in the financial industry. An appreciated event that attracted participants from all over the industry and offered exciting lectures and rewarding talks during the breaks. Here you can find a summary of the day.


Sustainability in focus at Astro Financing

Sustainability is the main focus of Astro Financing. Director General Mario Thadeuis was one of the speakers at the finance Act. He noted that despite the 100 years of increased prosperity, the market economy has failed in the sustainability work.

“In this way, one can say that the market economy is a good servant but a bad gentleman, who has not been able to handle challenges linked to sustainability,” Mario Thadeuis said in his speech on finance Day 2019.

He called for more long-term perspective and to integrate corporate social responsibility into the business models and ensure that relevant information is produced.


Sustainability of credit

credit loan

In order to be more easily acquainted with the growing demands for analysis and documentation that result from the increased regulation from the EU, Astro Lenders offers a practical oriented training led by Macky Hanson, sustainability expert from Grant Thornton. The course is aimed at employees in the company’s finance, finance and credit departments as well as customer advisers at banks.


The purpose of the course

The purpose of the course

The purpose is to understand how a company’s sustainability work is linked to the company’s earnings and exposure to risk and as a consequence in extending the valuation of the company. You will also gain insight into how to assess whether the company has a truly functioning sustainability work, unlike green washing and what it takes to get a truly functioning sustainability work in place.


From the course content

From the course content

  • Sustainability / ESG and CSR-related concepts
  • Link between results and sustainability work
  • The link between the company’s sustainability work and the overall risk picture
  • What it means to integrate sustainability into the business and how it affects cash flow
  • What an integrated business model is
  • The importance of the business model to the company’s risk picture
  • What a sustainable cash flow means
  • Understanding the company’s operations

5 Tips Before Applying For Loans

Sometimes, unforeseen situations may arise that require you to borrow money urgently. Today you can apply for a loan with a smooth process online, whether you are looking for a loan to renovate the kitchen or if something in the home breaks down. However, you should always think through the situation before applying for your loan.

The advantage of applying for a loan without a digital security is that you are free to use the money for exactly what you want. But the downside is that you have to make sure that you can repay the loan to avoid being put into debt with all the problems that it entails. Here are some great tips on what you should ask yourself before making your application:


1. Do you really need to borrow money?

1. Do you really need to borrow money?

First and foremost ask yourself what you need the money for. The absolute best is, of course, always to save together what you intend to buy, but it is not always possible to save money or time.

If it is the question of a consumer loan, the risk is greater that it is a loan that may not be absolutely necessary. A consumer loan is usually also smaller sums, which can mean higher interest rates and shorter repayment periods if you are not careful about comparing loans before applying.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must feel that you do not need to borrow money unnecessarily if other options are available.


2. Do you manage your personal finances?

2. Do you manage your personal finances?

Of course, even if you are going to borrow money is to take care of your finances at all levels. A well-managed private economy brings with it a number of positive effects. Financial harmony is something everyone should strive for, which boosts your well-being while your personal finances are doing well.

A good and well-managed private economy also means that your chances of getting a loan application approved increases significantly. It’s usually just about common sense and having a good budget, harder than it doesn’t have to be.


3. Read about the lender and terms

3. Read about the lender and terms

If you need to borrow, you should also take a closer look at the lender, their terms, interest rates and fees.

It is important that you are aware of how much the loan will cost you in the end, but even if you cannot afford to pay the loan on time – so you really can afford to repay the debt.

There are many rogue players out there trying to hide fees in the fine print.


4. Improve your credit rating

4. Improve your credit rating

Many believe that one cannot overly influence one’s own credit rating. This is, in a sense, a mistaken notion. If you want to increase your chances of getting a loan application approved, you should also spend money on improving your credit rating as much as you can.

For example, you can terminate existing and unutilized credits you have. Also, be careful not to send out loan applications at random, as this will cause you to attract a lot of credit information which in turn has a negative effect on your credit rating.

A good credit rating also means that banks and lenders consider that the risks are less when it comes to lending money to you. This means that your chances of getting a lower interest rate increase.


5. Do not borrow more than you need

5. Do not borrow more than you need

If you are going to borrow money for example to put new flooring in the house then borrow money for it alone. It can be tempting to borrow more than you really need. Unfortunately, it costs USD 20,000 to lay the new floor, unfortunately many people choose to borrow USD 50,000 just because they can, with arguments such as “I can just as well borrow more than I need when I still apply for a loan”. This is a major risk.

Above all, a bigger loan than necessary will also put a greater strain on your personal finances. At the same time, there is also a greater risk that you will spend the excess money on things that you do not actually need.

A loan can undoubtedly be necessary and of great help in many situations, but keep focus on the main purpose of the loan.

Avoid unnecessary debt

Lending money is a great business, so banks and non-banking institutions can literally break into convincing you that you can indulge in anything you don’t have enough money for. But borrowing on futility is the first step into a debt trap… for more.


Not every loan is in principle bad

Not every loan is in principle bad

Housing loans or loans for things that have the character of long-term investment can certainly be accepted. However, loans for consumer goods, Christmas gifts, entertainment or holidays are bad. So, before you take out a loan for a beautiful new TV or shiny iPhone, consider it well. For example, we don’t have to go far, for example, a recent HANEP survey on Christmas shopping. Almost ten percent of respondents were willing to borrow to buy Christmas presents. Smaller debts of up to 10,000 often cause the biggest problems.

Many households not only borrow when necessary, such as a broken washing machine or fridge, but also use loans to raise their standard of living. A frequent reason for lending is not only home appliances and electronics, but also the purchase of summer holidays.

Learn how to save and read terms Investigation is especially not very popular among younger years. Creating a certain financial pillow for unexpected events is the basis of family or personal finances. If you are unable to save anything from your income, look for savings or additional resources. It is ideal to have a reserve of three monthly earnings on hand.
If you run into a situation where the provision to cover expenses is not enough, consider carefully from whom and under what conditions to borrow money. The offer of loans comes from all sides, but offers are not always fully transparent. As a consumer, you should always know in advance what the amount of repayments will be, how much you will pay, and what sanctions and charges you may have.


Don’t sign anything you don’t understand


For example, such a credit card is a great thing if you understand how it works. On the one hand, it is a handy way to have a financial reserve, but on the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that money (the credit limit) is not yours and is still a loan. Fifty-day and longer interest-free periods are tempting to buy a trip or a new television, but irresponsible purchases are, according to experts, a way into a debt trap.

A situation where the cardholder ends regularly in negative and starts to have problems with repayment is not exceptional. In the worst case, he then breaks the wedge with the wedge, sets up other cards, overdrafts, etc., to pay the debt on existing credit cards, or borrows the debt elsewhere. When there is nowhere else to borrow from, so-called micro-loans with APRs in hundreds of percent come. And the path to the debt trap is complete.


Our Advice

debt loan

Finally, before borrowing, try depositing an amount equal to the loan repayment on your savings account for a few months. This makes it easy to tell if you will tighten the loan.

Fast non-bank loans via the Internet

Sometimes a loan is the only way out of a difficult situation – usually we usually turn to the people closest to us – family and friends. However, this is not always the best solution; it is worth considering the fact that our loved ones will not always be able to help us. What can we do then?

Although we have a special trust in our family, we do not always have to ask her for financial help, especially when it comes to small expenses. This is especially true for young people who are generally afraid of making independent commitments. However, it turns out that taking advantage of a non-bank loan offer can be a much better solution.

Loan: learning independent commitments

Loan: learning independent commitments

Young people, even after becoming independent, often seek help from their parents or relatives. This is undoubtedly a convenient solution, but it should be taken into account that people close to us have their own expenses – when we borrow money from them, they usually have to change their existing plans, such as refurbishing an apartment or buying new home appliances.

For this reason, it is worth considering a financial loan from another source first; one solution is to turn to lender. In this way, a young person learns to take independent financial obligations, which may pay off in the future, eg in the case of taking out a mortgage or a car loan.

When should you consider a loan?

When should you consider a loan?

A non-bank loan is a great solution for people who need a small amount of money for a short period of time. The reasons for entering into a commitment may be different – a dream of a trip abroad, the desire to buy the necessary home appliances for a new apartment, or a family celebration, such as a wedding or a christening party.

Most often, additional expenses are associated with an unexpected situation that could not be taken into account when planning your home budget, and therefore an additional financial injection is also needed. A non-bank loan then allows you to cover the necessary costs without losing financial liquidity, and in addition allows you to remain independent.

Loans: what is worth knowing about them?

Loans: what is worth knowing about them?

If you decide on a non-bank loan, it is worth getting acquainted with lender’s offer. The company offers two types of loans – short-term and installment. The offers differ from each other in the maximum amount that we can get under the loan, as well as the repayment period and the total cost of the service.

In the case of a short-term loan, we can get up to USD 2,500. However, this applies to customers who have already used the services of lender (for new customers the maximum amount of liability is USD 1,500). The cost of a short-term loan for new customers is only USD 10, and the repayment period is 60 days.

As for the installment loan, the maximum amount that customers can get in this case is as much as USD 20,000. At the same time, the repayment period is longer – the customer can enter into a commitment for up to 60 months. The cost of the loan can be easily checked using the sliders on the lender homepage – all you need to do is select the amount and installments you are interested in and the total value of the commitment will be displayed.

So many got debt relief since the new law came into force

On November 1, 2016, the Debt Settlement Act was amended. The new law is part of the government’s strategy to counteract over-indebtedness and now the enforcement authority has issued a first report and analysis of the effects of the amended legislation.


The size of the debt does not have a decisive significance

debt loans

It is easy to misunderstand that existing legislation exists to help people with large debts. The analysis shows that this is not the case. People with small debts also have the option of obtaining debt relief if they have no repayment capacity. In total, more than 31,000 people have applied for debt relief since the new law came into force. The median debt for those granted debt restructuring was approximately USD 558,000. USD 13,426 was the lowest debt amount for a person who received debt settlement among those included in the analysis.

The analysis shows that, above all, three factors affect the possibility of debt settlement:


1. The cause of the payment problems.

Illness, divorce and unemployment mean more likelihood of debt relief than over-consumption or other causes.


2. Age of applicants

Older people are more often given debt relief.

Nearly 75 percent of those who applied for debt relief were over 40, 13 percent were 67 or older. The analysis shows that the likelihood of debt settlement increases with increasing age. The explanation for this could be that older people, especially pensioners, find it more difficult to change their income situation in order to pay off their debts in the long run. In addition, older people have often been over-indebted for a long time.


3. If they have visited a budget and debt adviser.


There is a marked difference in the degree of grants of people who have visited debt counselors compared to those who have not taken help.

“It is very gratifying that the Corona Lend Finance has done this analysis which adds a lot of knowledge about the new debt restructuring law that came into force in November 2016. I think it is a common misconception among the public that it is only the people who have “large debts” who receive debt restructuring, which is not the case, “says John Henry, Vice President Debt Collection at Klarna and course leader at the Arts to get paid and continue. “The basic prerequisite for being able to benefit from debt restructuring at all is that you cannot” pay for your debts “for a reasonable period of time. It is therefore also very reasonable that the probability of getting debt restructuring is higher the older you are . “

Here you can find out the analysis “The reason for the payment problems more important than the size of the debt when deciding on debt restructuring”

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Which credit card for Philippines trip ?

A vacation in the Philippines means wonderful beaches, diving spots, tropical flair, multicultural metropolises and much more that leaves nothing to be desired. In order for the vacation to be enjoyed without any worries, it is important to inform yourself in advance about the payment methods on site. The following guide provides useful information about the local currency, common means of payment, and fees for withdrawing money in the Philippines. A credit card should not be missing in the Philippines, as it can be used at ATMs and for cashless payments.

Basic Acceptance of Credit Cards in the Philippines

Basic Acceptance of Credit Cards in the Philippines

ATMs are available on all Philippine holiday islands, for example in shopping centers, tourist facilities and banks. Credit cards from Visa and Mastercard are highly accepted , which applies to ATMs and to payments in hotels, shops or restaurants. However, the foreign transaction fee applies to the cashless payment of many credit cards. Sometimes the acceptance points can also charge service fees. It is therefore advisable to withdraw cash with your credit card.

Cashless payment

Cashless payment

Cashless payment is particularly widespread in tourist areas and cities. In many places you can easily pay with the Visa and MasterCard. Diners Club and American Express are also partially accepted. In the larger hotels and restaurants, EC cards are sometimes accepted as a form of cashless payment, but you should take enough cash with you before going on trips to the countryside, to more remote areas or when visiting a market.

Special features of the Philippine ATMs

Special features of the Philippine ATMs

If you want to withdraw money from ATMs in the Philippines, you should note a few peculiarities. Depending on the operating bank, a limit of either 4,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 pesos is set up for the payment per withdrawal process. If, for example, 40,000 pesos are to be withdrawn with a credit card, the withdrawal process must be carried out at least 4 times. Ultimately, this means that the fees of around 5 USD must also be paid at least 4 times, which corresponds to a total of around 20 USD. To avoid this, the best travel credit card is presented below, with which cash can be withdrawn free of charge abroad.

Withdraw money in the Philippines

Withdraw money in the Philippines

Withdrawing money is no problem, at least in the larger cities in the Philippines, because there are many ATMs. Most ATMs accept credit or Maestro cards if they have the Maestro or Cirrus symbol. A credit card is generally the best way to withdraw money in the Philippines. However, it can be a little more difficult to withdraw money with a foreign card away from the larger cities, because many ATMs only accept local cards. So if you are away from the crowds of tourists, you should ensure that you have enough cash. In addition, credit cards are not accepted in numerous smaller resorts or accommodations.

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12 month loan: which is the best?

Financial Check is a market-leading credit comparison. The loan calculator is free. The offers are submitted without obligation. There are no preliminary costs. The comparison portal works with over 20 reputable direct banks and can compare a large number of different loan offers. This loan calculator is our recommendation

After you have filled out the loan request, you will receive the cheapest loan offers in a matter of seconds, taking into account your details and your credit rating.

Take a look at the offers in peace. If an offer meets your expectations, you can submit a loan application to the selected bank.

If you do not agree with any offer, simply let the matter rest. You then do not need to do anything else.

Good Credit’s loan offer

Good Credit

Good Credit, the credit broker from Halle, also provides loans with short terms of 12 months, 18 months or 24 months.

The interest depends on the creditworthiness. Leave the loan compared to a professional who has already helped many customers to find cheap credit solutions.

Let us advise you on the right loan for your needs. Good Credit is one of the market leaders in the industry.

Self-employed people also have a chance of getting small loans. The self-employed, regardless of whether they are traders or freelancers, generally do not receive any worse conditions.

The application process for the self-employed is very straightforward compared to the credit requirements at other direct banks.

Smaller loans are granted from the first month of self-employment. Few documents are sufficient to prove the income situation, sometimes even bank statements are sufficient.

Loan requests, advice and the submission of the loan offer are free of charge and without obligation. If a loan agreement is concluded, the brokerage credit is part of the effective annual interest rate.

The offer brokered by Good Credit can therefore easily be compared with the offers of the competition. As a rule, the commissions do not raise interest rates because the partner banks are responsible for this.

Unlike some of its competitors, the financial services provider has an excellent reputation. The customer reviews are mostly positive. Good Credit is the credit broker that we recommend.

Good Finance P2P credit

Good Finance P2P credit

The alternative to bank credit is a loan from private for private from Good Finance.

The offer is currently included in the Fine Bank loan calculator. A loan application can of course also be made directly on the Good Finance website.

Self-employed and older people have a real chance of getting a loan. The same applies to people with slight problems with Credit Checker.

Good Finance has a sophisticated, independent system for credit checks and does not rely solely on Credit Checker. Motor vehicles can also be provided as security.

There are not many loans for 12 months


Short terms and small loan amounts, this combination is not exactly popular with direct banks and branch banks.

Because the relationship between yield and effort is significantly better with longer terms and higher sums.

For this reason, not all banks deal with loans for 12 months. The choice of loan offers is not very extensive, especially when it comes to smaller amounts.

Nevertheless, cheap loans with a term of one year can be found on the Internet.

The interests of borrowers are exactly the opposite of the business interests of banks. The shorter the term of a loan is granted, the lower the interest costs.

At least that’s the theory. In practice, however, there are interesting exceptions in individual cases, as we will see below.